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Nolan Campaign Releases Second TV Ad: "American Made"

U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan’s campaign for Congress today released the second Nolan television ad of the 2016 cycle: “American Made”.

The ad calls attention to Congressman Nolan’s work to crack down on illegal foreign steel dumping and his efforts to increase the use of American made products and steel. Congressman Nolan has also been instrumental in the effort to increase trade tariffs on the imports of foreign steel to help the American mining and steel industry recover from recent downturns.

“Congressman Nolan is running a positive campaign about substantive issues, and one of those issues is getting people back to work and creating jobs right here in Minnesota,” said Campaign Manager Joe Radinovich. “The work Congressman Nolan has done to take action against harmful trade practices has helped families throughout our district, and it is ensuring our economic security. Congressman Nolan is saying something positive about our district and about his efforts to protect American jobs and security.”

You can watch the new ad here.

Nolan Campaign Asks Mills' to Keep a Promise, Take Down False Negative Ads

Wednesday, the campaign of Congressman Rick Nolan (D-Minn.) called on Stewart Mills III to hold true to his word and take down false negative attack ads that have been produced, approved and paid for by Stewart Mills III.

Even though Stewart Mills III made a promise to run a positive campaign, saying “it's not going to be personal attacks,” his ads have been declared false, and they’ve employed personal character attacks, contrary to his promise.

“We are asking Stewart Mills III, again, to take these false negative ads off the air,” said Nolan campaign manager Joe Radinovich. “They have been declared false and misinform 8th District voters. Moreover, they represent personal character attacks, instead of engaging in a substantive conversation about issues and policy.”

“When Mr. Mills said he was going to run a positive campaign about substantive issues, I was expecting him to hold to his word.” said Congressman Nolan. “His false and negative attacks on me don’t give folks more faith in the democratic process. Stewart Mills III’s ads just make people hate politics. Mr. Mills and I both know independent groups will say all sorts of things that we can’t control, but his ads were a false personal attack paid for and approved by Mr. Mills and his campaign. These false negative ads are an embarrassment.”

One Mills ad (Titled: “Syrians”) claims that refugees would not be vetted before entering the United States and was rated “FALSE” by WCCO’s ‘Reality Check’www.FactCheck.orgKSTP 5 Eyewitness News, and the Brainerd Dispatch journalist who wrote the article cited in the ad.

Nolan Campaign Debuts First Television Ad: "Minnesota Tough"

U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan’s campaign for Congress last week began airing his first television ad of the 2016 cycle: “Minnesota Tough.”

The ad calls attention to the negative attack ads currently airing against Nolan by his Republican challenger, multi-millionaire Stewart Mills III. The ads, personally approved by Mills despite his promise to run a positive campaign, have been declared false and misleading by independent journalists at WCCO, KSTP, and Fact Check.

The ad then turns to the truth: first highlighting Nolan’s rating as one of the 10 Most Effective Members of Congress, it then details his vote to strengthen the screening process for refugees, and his work fighting for a “tougher and smarter” strategy against enemies abroad.

Said Nolan: “I have pledged to run a positive campaign about substantive issues, and I had hoped my opponent Mr. Mills would have done the same. However, as we have seen, Mills has used his inherited wealth to personally approve and then spend millions on false personal attacks that have no place in our political discourse. I’m pleased that with our first ad of the campaign, we can set the record straight, and set a positive example for the voters in Minnesota’s Eighth District.”