Rick Nolan: On the Issues

Rebuilding America and the Middle Class

As a small business owner, Rick knows what it takes to create good-paying jobs. Rick understands that to rebuild the middle class we’ve got to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. We must end nation-building abroad and focus on paying down our deficit, so we can invest in our communities infrastructure, health, and education.

Exports and Jobs

Rick has lived and traveled all over the world. Rick has worked to expand the Port of Duluth and its role in making Minnesota a leading export state. He has fought against “fast-tracking” the ongoing TPP trade negotiations, and will continue to stand up for fair trade and tax policies to encourage and protect good American jobs. He has voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, a job-creator that helps create and sustain nearly 200,000 jobs across the country, and helps finance nearly a dozen businesses in Minnesota’s 8th District alone. At the Minnesota World Trade Center Corporation, he worked with Governor Rudy Perpich to help create 328,000 jobs and put Minnesota on the map in the global economy.

The Environment

Our air, lakes, rivers and forests, are crucial to our economy in Northern Minnesota. The degradation of our air and water, along with global warming, threaten the very survival of our species here on earth. We must protect the environment in order to not just our economy and tourism, but to protect our traditions and way of life. Rick continues to work to protect our bodies of water from dangerous invasive species like Asian carp and passed programs that help farmers turn land over for conservation. Rick fights for funding to clean up pollution in the St. Louis River, Lake Superior coastal cleanup, and was called a “champion for the environment” by the League of Conservation Voters.


We have a sacred obligation to protect and serve those who protect and serve us. Rick has been recognized with his work in Congress on VA reform, by working towards eliminating the backlog in veterans benefits claims, expanding treatment for PTSD and suicide prevention and allowing rural vets in our community to visit their local doctor instead of driving hours to get care.

Education for America’s Future

As a former teacher and proud member of the MEA (now Education Minnesota), Rick’s spent a lifetime fighting to expand early childhood education initiatives, so every child will be ready to meet their full potential. Rick will keep working to fully fund elementary and secondary education, and to supply every student and school with the 21st-century technology and resources necessary to succeed.

Government Accountability & Ending Big Money in Elections

The “No Government No Pay Act” sponsored by Rick Nolan would discourage reckless governance by prohibiting Members of Congress from getting paid during a Government shutdown. Nolan has worked against Citizen’s United, and to stand up against big money in our elections. A resolution he authored would institute a small donor public financing of elections instead of dark money PAC’s and interest groups

Health Care

Tea Party conservatives are determined to undo and destroy any health care reform, and bring us back to a time when those who needed care were denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. Rick is determined to make sure that all Americans have access to affordable health care. No one should ever again face bankruptcy to pay a medical bill, or be forced to choose between medical treatment and the basic necessities of life. We need to increase preventative care and make sure that pre-existing conditions can never again be a reason to deny someone the medical services they need.

Labor and Working Families

It’s time to end the war on working families. Rick fights to give our workers the respect they earned by standing up for fair trade and tax policies to protect American jobs. Rick worked to advance our economy by expanding our Port of Duluth and it’s role in making Minnesota a leading export state. Working with Governor Rudy Perpich and the MN World Trade Center Corporation, Rick helped create 328,000 jobs and put Minnesota on the map in the global economy.

Minimum Wage

Rick Nolan supports a strong living wage. Before Rick was elected in 2012, he spent over thirty years building his business in Emily, Minnesota working to provide strong jobs for the community. He ran for office because he saw that the rich were getting richer, the poor were getting poorer, and the middle class has been getting crushed.


Congressman Rick Nolan is a fervent supporter of students and their various issues. Students are paying more money than ever in order to go to college. This forces many to work multiple jobs yet still have to take out loans. After graduation, some don't find jobs and are crushed by the loans that they cant afford to pay. Rick Nolan voted for the GI bill. He also believes students should be able to refinance student loans just like any other loans. Removing financial barriers for our students will benefit us all as a society.